What is Peachy Keen Birth Services?

Hello, and welcome to PeachyKeenBirth.com!
My name is Mandi and I am absolutely passionate about birth.

What does Peachy Keen have to offer?

Childbirth Classes
My childbirth classes help prepare couples for the most amazing day of their lives! When you take my classes, you have a significantly higher likelihood of having a natural birth, and a drastically reduced chance of cesarean, based on my clients' statistics. The right preparation can make a huge difference! What are they all about?

Placenta Encapsulation
There are many benefits available to the new mom from consuming the placenta, and encapsulation (putting it into pill form) is a more palatable way to go about it! How does it work?

Birth Doula Services
Due to the fact that I am enrolled in nursing school, I am not currently accepting doula clients.

Meeting Space
Peachy Keen offers a perfect meeting space for all types of events, classes and meetups. Learn more about my little corner of the world and how to inquire about holding an event here.

Essential Oil Education
Looking for more information on natural health options? Visit PeachyKeenEssentials.com to learn more about essential oils, and how they can change your life!